What Is Ftp

Most people have used this FTP one time or the other with or without knowing it. FTP is currently the most extensively used content tool for publishing and making use of it is quite easy even though at times when people start to use it, it seems intimidating. What people may need in order to use the FTP site is a computer that has a TCP/IP direct connection to the Internet, the numeric address or name of the site that one is seeking the download from and a program that is FTP.

So as to get the FTP program, it can be downloaded from the internet. FTP is mostly used for the main purpose of downloading as it is the most secure way to download items. For this reason, FTP has become the backbone of the MP3 music trend and is also commonly used by game enthusiasts and at most online auctions. In relation to FTP, a TCP/IP protocol means a Transmission Control Protocol, which is a highly important internet protocol suite.

The TCP protocol is so centrally placed that the whole suite is referred to as the ‘TCP/IP. IP which denotes Internet Protocol handles transmission that is lower-level from one computer to another computer as the message makes its way over the Internet. TCP works at a high level than IP and is concerned with the two end system only, for instance a Web server and a Web browser. FTP is nowadays being incorporated in web browsers like the Netscape. In FTP, the key word to take into account is the word protocol that means a set of standards or rules that serve to govern interactions among computers.

This word is an essential component in a large number of terms that are nowadays taken for granted. These are words like what we have already established above; the FTP, the HTTP, the SMTP and more commonly the TCP/IP which all have an important role for every area they are involved with in the Internet world. The File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, differs with the other types of protocols in that the FTP is what it exactly explains, to transfer files.

The files that are moved or transferred from a computer to another are moved or copied as exactly as they were in the previous computer.  Also when the files are being sent back, they are as the same from their point of destination.


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